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Junior Girls Golf: Hydration!

Posted by Carla Mason on

Storie Apparel brand ambassador Angela Jerman-Ormsby, LPGA provides a hydration tip for junior girl golfers. It may seem simple, but proper hydration is key to performance. Water makes up most of our your body weight, and you lose water each day when you sweat! You lose water even faster when the weather is really hot, so if you don’t replace the water you lose, you can become dehydrated. Some helpful tips:

  • Keep a bottle of water with you during your round.
  • If you don’t like the taste of plain water, try adding a slice of lemon or lime to your drink.
  • Be sure to drink water before, during, and after your round.
  • If you have trouble remembering to drink water, drink on a routine schedule. For example, drink water before or after each tee shot, following your last stroke on a hole, on your way to your tee shot, or on the top and bottom of the hour.
Feeling thirsty is your body's way of saying "HEY! Need some liquid here!", so stay hydrated and keep performing at your best!

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